Herbal Foot Bath


This simple method of TCM was widely used already in ancient China.During an herbal foot bath the feet are immersed in special herbal solution for 15-20 minutes. The bath is followed by a short foot massage to enhance the stimulation of the functions of all the leg-meridians.

At HRT Natural Herbal Foot Powder is used to relax and refresh your feet.

The herbal powder is made up of herbs grown in the high plateaus of Tibet. Tibet’s unique natural environment makes it a valuable place to grow precious medicinal herbs. The Herbal Foot powder is formulated carefully to help your body to function in a more natural way.


• Harmonises the body functions to eliminate waste more efficiently

• Promotes the blood circulation

• Regulates the nervous system

• Clears blockages from the meridians

• Enhances immune system

• Reduces stress

• Lessens fatigue

The Herbal Foot Bath is used as a supplementary healing therapy for:

• Athlete’s foot

• Eczema

• Numbness and cramps

• Fatigued feet

• Excessive perspiration

• Joint pain

• Insomnia

• Digestive disorders


• Bypass

• Other heart conditions

• High blood pressure

• Implants

• Pregnancy