ear Candling


Ear candling is a non-invasive treatment that helps promote an enhanced state of health. Ear candles are hollow tubes, made of natural cotton, bee’s wax and herbs.
The candle produces its beneficial effects while burning in the entrance of the ear canal. Both ears are treated each time. It is very pleasant experience, calming and relaxing.

During the burning as the candle heats up, the air inside the tube is rising. A mild suction is created by the rising air column at the base of the candle. This air movement has a regulating, balancing effect on the pressure in the middle and inner ears and in the sinus cavities
Besides, the relaxing experience of the ear candling therapy helps to relieve the stress and improve the feeling of general well-being.
Due to its gentle procedure it is a suitable method for children.


• Reduced stress
• Improved sense of taste
• Improved sense of smell
• Equalized pressure in the ear

Ear candling is a non-intrusive technique that may help with:

• Sinusitis
• Tinnitus
• Tension headaches
• Snoring
• Swimmer’s ear
• Vertigo

Contra indications:

• Perforated eardrum
• Ear inflammation
• Implanted drainage tubes in the eardrum