Acupuncture is an effective treatment for hypertension. Researchers demonstrate that acupuncture alleviates hypertension and its signs and symptoms. According to the researches of Dr. Zhao and his colleagues, They conclude that acupuncture reduces levels of high blood pressure and relieves associated headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and anxiety. In addition, acupuncture successfully alleviates palpitations due to hypertension.

Dr. Zhao and his colleagues document an important biological response to acupuncture. Their researchers show that acupuncture regulates TNF-α and TNF-α-stimulated endothelin (ET) in patients with hypertension. High blood pressure stimulates higher than normal concentrations of TNF-α and ET. The researches demonstrate that acupuncture successfully downregulates TNF-α and ET for patients with hypertension while simultaneously reducing blood pressure levels and related signs and symptoms.

Dr. Zhao and his colleagues achieved successful clinical results by the application of acupuncture points including:
GB20 (Fengchi) Taiyang Yintang Sishencong Anmian

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