Research published in the Guangxi Medical Journal finds acupuncture effective for the relief of fatigue, depression, and other symptoms of CFS. Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by severe fatigue that does not improve with rest. Additional signs and symptoms include memory loss, cognitive impairment, sore throat, lymph node swelling, musculoskeletal pain, and headaches. Etiologies may include viral infections, stress, and other factors. The clinical trial reveals that a special type of acupuncture has a high total effective rate and a significant total recovery rate for patients with CFS.

Conventional acupuncture was compared with Qihuan acupuncture. The total effective rate and total recovery rate were significant in both groups. Although both forms were effective, Qihuan acupuncture produced a higher percentage of positive patient outcomes as part of the total effective rate. Conventional acupuncture produced an 80.85% total effective rate and Qihuan acupuncture produced a 95.83% total effective rate.

Qihuan acupuncture produced a superior total recovery rate to conventional acupuncture. Of forty-eight patients receiving Qihuan acupuncture, a total of sixteen patients had a complete recovery. A total recovery was defined as a complete resolution of all symptoms and the patients were able to return to a normal social and work life. Of forty-seven patients receiving conventional acupuncture, ten had a total recovery. As a result of these findings, Qihuan acupuncture is regarded as an important method for the treatment of CFS.


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