How does Acupuncture work?

In traditional Chinese medicine philosophy theory, we have hundreds of Acupuncture-points among our bodies. Those points would direct energy flowing in our bodies therefore controlling the functions of our tissues and organs. Acupuncture works by using specific acupuncture-points combination to redirect our bodies’ natural energy against pain and other symptoms. Once the energy is flowing properly again, Pain and other Symptoms will be gone and the natural healing process will begin.

Is Acupuncture safe?

Yes. Acupuncture is a safe, effective therapy that has been used for over 2000 years. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments or symptoms. All Acupuncturists and Chinese herbalist in our clinics are graduated from related bachelor or Master degrees, and registered with Chinese medicine board of Australia (CMBA).

 Are the Acupuncture needles safe?

Yes. All our Acupuncture practitioners use sterile, disposable needles. All the needles are used once and then disposed in biohazard containers, and all the containers will be collected by medical waste management company for proper disposal according to federal laws and regulations.

 Dose Acupuncture hurt?

Because of the needles have to insert into the skin, you maybe experience a brief prick. Also there are various sensations the needles may elicit, including a feeling of soreness, energy moving, and numbness. Don’t worry, Most of our patients really enjoy and satisfied our acupuncture treatments.

 Dose Acupuncture have any side effects?

Side effects of acupuncture are rare. After acupuncture treatment it is possible, but uncommon, that patients may experience fainting, dizziness, minor bruising or bleeding at the point of needle insertion. Occasionally, some symptoms may experience a temporary worsening before relief settles in. Don’t worry. Fainting and Dizziness will be gone after a rest and Bruising will be gone within 4 -7 days.

“Needle Shock”: a feeling of faintness, chilliness and perhaps slight nausea. Needle shock happens rarely, but when it does, it is most likely to happen in situations in which the patient is very nervous about the needles, is extremely exhausted or fatigued, or is experiencing low blood sugar from not having eaten for a long period of time before the acupuncture treatment. To avoid needle shock, we suggest our patients eat something before acupuncture treatment and keep relaxing during the treatment.

How many Acupuncture treatments will I need?

Everybody is different. The number of treatments required depends largely upon the severity and duration of your conditions and how you reactions for your first treatment. So the total number of acupuncture treatments cannot be determined in advance.

Why are you putting the needles on the wrong side of my body?

We will never put needles on the wrong side of your body. Our experienced acupuncture practitioner specializes in using the opposite side Acupuncture points and Tung’s Acupuncture points to treat most problems. Of course there are always exceptions.

Does Acupuncture help me even if I feel health?

Yes, Acupuncture is a powerful preventative measure to prevent illness and maintain good health and vitality. It also finds and corrects potential health issues that may affect your mind, body and emotions. It can also prevent relapse of an old condition and improve your quality of daily life.